"San Ignacio de Loyola", h.1775
Fuendetodos, Zaragoza 1746-Burdeos, Francia 1828
Óleo sobre lienzo
81 x 56 cm


Work that represents the founder of the Society of Jesus, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, half length, turned and looking at the viewer. He wears the habit of the order and in his hands he carries a book with an inscription: "AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM" (To the greater glory of God). In addition, the Company's anagram appears in the upper right-hand corner. Goya represented him with great expressiveness in his eyes, in a realistic way, as if he were "the portrait of the saint", as indicated by José Camón Aznar, who unveiled the work in 1979. In addition, the way of painting the saint without a beard is removed from the usual representations since his canonization in 1622. It seems that Goya must have painted this work just before leaving Zaragoza or in the first moments of his stay at the Court, and it has traditionally been accepted that it was a commission for Juan Ignacio Ezcurra (1750-1827), due to the coincidence with his name and because of having remained with their heirs until the 70s of the 20th century. This work, made after Goya's training period in Italy, already shows the painter's mastery, mainly in the depth of the saint's gaze, his expressiveness and emotionality; the way of lighting it, highlighting the halo of holiness on the abstract background; and the construction based on safe brush strokes, the use of glazes and color.


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