"Interiores de la Iglesia de los Jesuitas de Amberes"
Couple oil paintings on canvas
85 x 120 cm

Artist specialized, like his father, in painting the interior of churches. He is cited as a teacher in the Gilda of Antwerp. His style already denotes a baroque and more elaborate ornamentation, treated with great technical perfection. His works full of anecdotal elements and narrative and manners are of great interest. This pair of paintings represent the interior of the church called Los Jesuitas de Antwerp, one the front and the other the back or entrance. Covered with a barrel vault with decorated coffered ceilings, which together with the paving of the floor and the proportions of the figures achieve a very deep perspective. In both there are numerous characters, gentlemen and ladies, faithful in prayer, mendicants, disabled people, a pilgrim from Santiago, an oriental dignitary or merchant, dogs, etc ... These paintings are work of great historical interest since they are represented by the ceiling and other paintings on Old Testament subjects, made by Rubens in collaboration with Van Dyck, which were lost in a fire. The architectural design is by Rubens as well as the painting of the main altar (two works alternated, one of which is kept in the Vienna Museum). In the painting that represents the entrance, the legend "Dominus vobiscum Anno 1721" appears on a pediment on the left and in the lower right corner cataloging figures L.16 and No. 19. In the other painting a plaque on a temple "Corpus Gerealis Max Jacob Bal Peeters "in the center of the right back. In the lower corner, cataloging figures L.21 and Nº13. In the central nave, above the altar picture, a shield framed by the Golden Fleece is represented. Onbras cataloged by D. Matías Díaz Padrón in his thesis "17th Century Flamenco Painting in Spain".


Über den Künstler B.G. Mail: Interieurs d’eglises 1580-1720. La peinture architecturale des Écoles du Nord, 2012



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