Oyágüez Montero, Guillermo


May 28th  - 
July 16th

Último vuelo (aeropuerto de Willmington)
Desde el estudio I (Lima)
Desde el estudio II (Lima)
La isla del Colibrí I (Holbox)
La isla del colibrí II (Holbox)
Lukas en el hotel I (Times Square)
Lukas en el hotel II (Times Square)
Vuela I
Vuela II
Vuela III
Vuela IV
Bolsa contemplando el mar
El chiringuito
Atardece en el Demente
Noche en el Demente
Primavera de corales
Amanece en los corales
Atardece en los corales
Mediodía en Tarifa
No estaremos solos
Última hora
El confinamiento de B con la paleta de Zorn
Actividad realizada con la ayuda del Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte

Oyágüez Montero, Guillermo


The exhibition

A journey of 50 years

Guillermo Oyágüez Montero

I am 50 years old the same day that my exhibition in Ansorena opens to the public, and a good trip ...Travel or road in the market and art world is what others call Carrera. I don't like that term. If as people our evolutions are slow, and being the same person and artist for me, when that progression is accelerated and forced it lacks sincerity.
On this trip all I have painted are visited places and lived situations. Some landscapes do not, specifically the pictures dedicated to Netflix. There is no other way for me to be authentic, originality has never interested me, perhaps the art market demands it, but it matters little to me.
I have wanted to bring together as a celebration of my fifty years five themes, among others, those that have inspired me the most: the sea, corals, travel, caravans and Netflix. With the sea present in almost all of them, I will only talk about it, about El Mar.
I was born in Malaga, and although we came to live in Madrid soon, we always spent the summer in Nerja. The sea brings me many memories full of nostalgia.
The sea is the umbrella and hammocks of the “Frigiliana City” family, that's what they called us. The mornings dedicated to painting, not very eagerly, in the Axarquía where my father “let me go” until lunchtime, while my brother studied piano, I suppose with the same little desire as me (thanks for forcing us dear Mom and dear Dad, now is our life and we enjoy it).
Later, until nightfall on the beach, we ate at the “Ayo” picnic area. Solfeggio classes every day in the hammock, in such a way that, even when I go, there are foreigners from that time who greet me from afar, marking the beat of four by four with their hands.
My parents: I remember my mother being so modern topless, flirtatious and pretty from that time until now. My father and his openwork hat, which I have been wearing since then because I love being like him. Once a year we all slept on the beach, for me it was exciting, beware, like appearing as an extra for a few seconds in the series "Blue Summer", splashing in a stagnant puddle of the sea.
Best regards with my brother, with my uncles and cousins, and my first gang of friends there, with whom I have little contact now; but that, when there is, it is full of love and truth. Those snacks of quince and cheese sandwiches or sardines with tomato, and that "eat the fruit or you won't bathe."
Or my first crushes of the many I have had, because there are so many exceptional and precious women ... I remember Sandrine, a French woman who arrived one summer with her family in a Citroën “Shark” black with yellow lights. Every summer I went to the parking lot, which was a dusty wasteland, to see if her car had already arrived (I will paint it in a painting), with it my first pumpkins, which would not be the last, so I still carry them well.
The sea is the island of Holbox, where almost eighteen years ago I built my little dream, "La casa el Cacahuate".
The sea is its turquoise blue, it is kitesurfing with everything it carries, such as waiting for the wind to come while talking to those strangers who would end up being my great friends. What beautiful conversations we have had waiting for the lambs, that white foam that announces the arrival of Eolo!
For now I live in Madrid, because art moves here, but I'll go to the sea.
And although I have not talked about painting, this is all my painting: memories, longings and life. I do not need to follow other artists or know what is going on. I do not believe that the answers to the doubts that my painting cause me are in anyone but me, if I have them I know that what I need is a trip, even if it is to the street. I don't want to know what others paint; If they are my friends, I am interested in his painting because they are friends, but I feed on my surroundings, experiences and all kinds of people who, if they are artists, for me it is just one more piece of information.
Thank you very much to all who support my work, you are the wind that pushes me.
I hope you like this exhibition. I appreciate your visit, even more in these times. Nothing virtual will equal a live painting, one may be confused with the other, but the truth will always be the truth.


Licenciado por la Facultad de Bellas Artes de Madrid 1987-1992
Especialidad de pintura
Beca Fin de Carrera Cátedra de Paisaje.


2020 Galería Ansorena, Madrid
2018 Galería Ansorena, Madrid
2016 Galería Ansorena, Madrid
        Galería Aurora Vigil Escalera, Gijón.
2015 Galería Haurie, Sevilla
2014 Sala Parés, Barcelona.
2012 Galería VanDyck, Gijón
2011 Galería Ansorena (Madrid)
2010 Estela Docal Santander
2010 Sala Parés, Barcelona
2009 Galeria Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid
2008 Galería Ansorena, Madrid
2007 Sala Parés, Barcelona
2006 Galería Estela Docal, Santander
        Galería Nolde, Madrid
2005 Galería Ansorena, Madrid
        Galería Pedro Torres, Logroño
2004 Galería Estela Docal. Santander
2003 Sala Parés. Barcelona
        Galería Van Dyck. Gijón
        Galería Juan Amiano, Pamplona
2002 Galería Akros, Bilbao
        Galería Ansorena, Madrid
2001 Galería Estela Docal, Santander
        Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid
2000 Galería Ansorena, Madrid
1999 Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid
1998 Feria D’arte Moderna y Contemporánea de Turín, Italia
1997 Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid
        Galería Haurie, Sevilla
        Galería Pedro Torres, Bilbao
1995 Galería Milán, Madrid
1994 Galería Arles, Madrid
1992 Galería Balboa 13, Madrid


2018 Art Miami
2015 Art Bruselas
        Art Estrasburg
2013 Lille Art Fair
2012 Feria de Arte contemporaneo de Estrasburgo
2010 Jóvenes valores (Galería Vandyck)
        Galería Tamenaga (París)
2009 Art in Capital. Grand Palais, París
        International Art Expo Malasia
        Jóvenes valores (Galería Vandyck)
2008 Art London
        Art Singapure
        International Art Expo Malasia
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2007 International Art  Expo Malasia
        Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid
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        Galería Nolde, Madrid
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2005 ART MIAMI. Miami, EEUU
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2003 Galería Estela Docal, Santander
2002 Bienal del Arte Mediterráneo, Túnez
        Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid
2000 Galería Clave, Murcia
1998 Jungen Madrid, Postdam, Alemania
1996 Galería Nolde, Navacerrada, Madrid
        Galería Pedro Torres, Bilbao
1992 Galería Balboa, 13, Madrid


2018 Seleccionado Premio BMW de Pintura.
2010 Salón de Otoño de Madrid, Premio "Excmo Ayuntamiento de Madrid"
2009 Segundo Accesit, Fundación Villalar.
 2008 Premio Fundación Taylor, Grand Palais, París
 2004 Primer Premio de Dibujo de la  Academia de Bellas Artes de Granada
         Segundo Accesit Aitor Urdangarín
 2003 Primer Accesit Aitor Urdangarín
         Segundo Premio Emilio Ollero
 2002 Segundo Premio I Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Virgen de las Viñas"
 2000 Primer Premio Certamen Nacional de Pintura de Guadarrama
1999 Primer Premio de Acuarela, Colmenar Viejo
        Primer Premio de Pintura, Villa de Riaza
        Primer Premio VI Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Lozano Sidro”, Priego de Córdoba
1997 Primer Premio “Ejército de Aire”
1996 Primer Premio Certamen Nacional “Ciudad de Tudela”
        Primer Premio Certamen Nacional Acuarela, Priego de Cordoba
1994 Pintura al aire libre “Parque del Retiro”, Madrid. Mejor artista menor de 25 años


2019 No Boundaries, Bald Head Island, Carolina del Norte, EEUU
2017 Art Embassy, Eslovenia
2015 Sianoja Residencias Artísticas, Noja, Cantabria

Exhibitions of this artist in Ansorena