In view of our reopening on Monday, May 11th, we want to share with you the security measures that we have adopted to maintain health security and avoid any contagion problem:

  • Ansorena workers have undergone serological tests for COVID-19 confirming their state of health.
  • Customers visiting Ansorena will be informed about the safety protocol to be followed for their protection will be informed: hand disinfection, access by an antimicrobial mat, delivery of gloves and masks to those who do not wear them.
  • The different departments and work areas have been reorganized so that a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people can always be maintained.
  • With the intention of respecting the protocol, a visit to the department of art and jewelry appraisals is recommended, by prior appointment, increasing the citation time intervals so that the smallest number of people coincide simultaneously.
  • Ansorena staff in charge of visiting and removing works in homes, will comply with a rigorous security protocol, equipped with new special protection material, gloves, gowns and glasses on each visit, guaranteeing the prevention and well-being of the owners of works always.
  • The Ansorena facilities and the works of art deposited in our facilities have followed a rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocol that will continue for the next few months. The cleaning and disinfection protocol include all surfaces and contact points such as tables, chairs, railings, push buttons, knobs, etc. In addition, all meeting rooms and offices will be thoroughly disinfected several times a day.

Hoping to see you again.